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Dr Rekha’s Recommendations

Must: Have a good house help before delivery.

Must: Have an elder person at home mother, mother in law, aunt, sister anybody for 6 weeks or at least                 first 15 days.

Must: Have a Ghodiya (indian hammock style crib) for baby. Babies sleep best in it.

Must: Eat well and try to sleep well.

9  tips to easy motherhood

9  tips to easy motherhood

1. Keep as much help around you that you can afford.
This is the best part about living in India.you can get a lady  to massage you,another for the baby,one to cook and clean for you and another to do your ironing.
Make sure you train them to stand in for one another in case of absenteeism  and have multiple helps for different chores so that if one doesn’t turn up only one job will suffer.

2. Pamper your househelps so they find it difficult to find a job as good as yours.
That is the trick. Be nice to them and sensitive to their problems. They will not leave you if you are open and friendly with them.


Tips for you to sail through in the 1st trimester

Try to eat or drink every 2-3 hours

Try to eat something with carbohydrates and a little fat at bed time so that the food carries you through till the morning like an indian mithai, pastry, cake, kulfi

Use a toothpaste with mild mouthwash

1st thing in the morning before brushing your teeth just eat something, it may be a dry toast a biscuit and then brush your teeth.

Try to be busy in some activity or other so your mind is off your nausea. It helps. Potting plants, learning something new like music, singing.

Mint leaves, ginger in any form & citric foods secede morning sickness


Myths and Truths – 1st trimester

Myths and Truths – 1st trimester


It is 12 weeks duration from first day of last menstrual cycle

Each pregnancy is unique. You cannot even compare your own pregnancies to one another let alone any one else’s pregnancy. So don’t bother to compare notes except for leisure.


It is not okay if I am not vomiting at all.


All pregnancies do not have to be filmy where I vomit and your mother knows you are pregnant


It is OK.

It is OK.

In pregnancy

  • It is okay to feel like going back to bed as soon as you wake up
  • It is okay to crave for some difficult to get exotic food, have your husband drive you all the way for it and once you are served say that you just don’t feel like eating it.
  • It is okay to just eat or want to eat just one thing day after day in the 1st
  • It is okay to feel nauseous with the sight of food that you once loved
  • It is okay to feel nauseous at smell of certain foods.
  • It is okay sometimes to doubt yourself whether you took the right decision about getting pregnant
  • It is okay to continue doing all physical activity you did before pregnancy except impact and contact sports.