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2 Be Dads
No site to answer the questions in your mind?
No clue what it will be once the baby comes by?
Hearsay about increased expenses?
Baby care needs so much time and money?
Better postpone pregnancy till possible?
Are Moods and tantrums a part and parcel of pregnancy?
Will I be a good dad?
Am i equipped to be a dad?
Will I now be a second priority for my wife?



To put all yours fears to rest, I would say,

If you have a daughter – you will be a hero all your life
If you have a son – you will be the coolest man in the world

Just take the ‘pressure’ off.

Be yourself
Follow your instincts
Animals have paternal instincts though they can’t read on the internet about being a dad.
Above all follow your heart and do whatever you do with goodness for the baby in your heart and you can’t go wrong

Before becoming a Dad, please follow these tips

1. Stop smoking ASAP – It is known that smokers have more abnormal sperms as compared to non-smokers
2. Drink only occasionally and that too socially
3. It is important to try and get into an exercise regime with your wife so that you have more bonding time ( = less moodiness )
4. Bank balance is important but will not take care of things your physical fitness can take care of
5. Observe around you the behavior of dads and see how you would have behaved given a similar situation
6. Just sit and recall your fun times with your dad and see how much money was involved. (Very little, if i have seen life enough)
7. Just like a lady is told to “eat for two” once she is pregnant (I don’t subscribe to that), a man should be now “living for two” hence should focus on his own health also.



On The Lighter Side:

I often tell my pregnant clients that on the antenatal card I am going to have a column for the ‘weight of the husband’ and chart it every visit. I don’t know what the reason is but a lot of men have a ‘sympathetic weight gain’ with the wife’s advancing pregnancy.