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Our guest humor columnist who writes under the name “Just a regular woman” had this take on paternity leave. It is just for pure entertainment and we will include
“ just a regular woman’s ” take on life from time to time if my readers LIKE the humor.

Our society is very confusing.! In the beginning they laid down that women should stay at home and men will go out and earn. Then they decided because of inflation women also have to go out and earn.
Then women decided to take maternity leaves and men would continue to earn. Now though, science has progressed so much men still can’t get pregnant. But you see in everything they have to be equal to women……..so now they want paternity leave.


My argument is has anyone seen a man lift a finger at home on ANY leave day?(this statement is solely based on personal experience and may not have universal bearing)
Why add to a woman’s woes by giving men maternity i. e paternity leave?
I would go a step further and say that just like it is obligatory for all children to look after their ageing parents it should be compulsory for all parents-in -law to look after their daughters- in- law.
At least if parents –in-law are at home they can supervise their son who is going to be on paternity leave.

Government can see value in my statement by allowing wives to decide whether the husband should take paternity leave or instead , can work and get paid extra, for not availing the leave. Most women would opt for monetising the leave. This way they will get extra money with which they can employ a DECENT house help . Once they analyze their data as to how many men actually took paternity leave and how many monetised it, they will see sense in my argument.
I am totally in favour of my lady clients and I will be on their side for all causes i.e until it is time to pay my bills then I don’t mind if men pay it!!