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how to gain less for mother and more for baby

Why so much data on diet and no clarity
why so much confusion?

img_6101Because if there is no confusion there will be no market for food products, advisors and the whole gamut
this article is not meant to give you complete knowledge about food .it will act like a shepherd only and ,like a guiding star only giving you correct directions.
indian food and indian regional diets are very well balanced and good for healthimg_4146
Take for example food of north
rajma .rice
roti /dal /vegetables/dahi
fish and rice
food of south
idli/dosa/coconut /rasam

all of the above if you analyze have a carbohydrate(rice or wheat)
a protein (dal .rajma,dahi, peanut.uadi dal in idli)
a source of fat(coconut,peanut,ghee)

Then what or where is the problem
The problem is
we live in Mumbai and eat what people are meant to eat in NY or Italy or LA
why do you think mother earth grows different things in different locations.
like wheat grows in the north and rice in south
all foods traditionally are prepared according to seasons
like in winters moong dal halwa and
in rainy season pakoda
in summer aam panna
why do we not have aam panna in winter?
why do you think basra roti is eaten in winter not summer?

If anyone follows simple rules 90% of the times one can’t go wrong


Increase the quantity of vegetables(greens)on your plate
Decrease the grains (don’t make it zero)

Increase the proteins(and keep rotating the proteins to get all amino ac ids needed by your body

so have a different protein in every meal
say – milk and eggs in breakfast
-or pancakes made from chick pea flour
lunch- dal and sprouts with curds
snacks- roasted chana,dry fruits,milk

milk at bed time
Most info is found on internet but how to interpret it no one tells us
This task i have taken up and even if i can make a difference in 100 pregnant lives i would have done my


(for women with no medical complications)
dates-2 dates twice in a day
dry fruits-a fist full in a day of walnut,badam,figs
ghee-routine use ,no increase needed in pregnancy.but don’t avoid ghee as it is needed for satiety and it keeps you are feeling full for a longer time.also via D & vit A are in ghee
fresh fruits- plenty,avoid juices ,have whole fruits,have variety of fruits at least 2 to 3 diff fruits daily
coconut water-good and soothing
lemon-1 a day in food ,salads , helps absorb iron and has vit C
green veg-plenty,keeps constipation at bay
sesame seeds-good source of calcium,add to your pancakes,mouthfreshner mix

great advantage of proteins is they take a longer time to digest as a result your stomach empties slowly and you feel hungry less often.
besides carbohydrates cause water retention and more energy to digest hence you feel more tired after a CHO rich meal.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy



How to gain less for mom and more for baby

Why so much data on diet and no clarity  on what is good for a pregnant lady? Why so much confusion?

No one should tell you exactly how much of each item you need to eat.

we should allow our common sense to prevail. Spoon-fed-up is a new term I would like to coin for all those who are frustrated by the diet plans carved in great details by the dietitians with very little wiggle room.

Come on folks let’s give some credit to our grey cells and  not take instructions for simple things like what to eat!!!!

Indian food from all regional cuisines are very well balanced. If we were to eat what a common man of the region eats we would all be healthy.


The problem today is :

We live in Mumbai and we want to eat food from NY or LA or Italy!

Why do you think every locality grows different food, different grains?

why North India grows wheat and south grows rice?

that is because environmental conditions in each region are different.

Animals in that region are also in accordance with the environment.

But humans  live local and eat global? How can that be correct?

All foods traditionally prepared are also according to seasons

In winters – Moong Dal Halwa

In rainy season- Pakoras

In summers- Aam Panna

Why don’t we have aam panna in winters?

Bajra(millet) is traditionally had in winters.

If one can follow simple rule -EAT FRESH




WORK OUT  FOR  20 minutes


if you notice most stomach related problems ( if not all) are related to food. By making small changes in food intake they can be cured.


Let us deal with indigestion

1) Identify the food that repeatedly causes indigestion, say some milk or milk products- then avoid it esp if you are lactose intolerant.

2) Fried and spicy food can upset your digestion

3) Difficult to digest food e.g some meats

4) Overeating can also be the cause ,hence have smaller  meals.

5) You can’t go wrong with increasing veggies in your meals

6) Decrease the grains on your plate ( don’t make it zero)

7)  Increase the proteins on your plate and keep rotating the proteins.  Same protein  every da is not enough .This is because each protein has  adifferent set  of amino acids . Your body needs all the essentials amino acids.

So have a different protein in each meal.

Milk and eggs in breakfast ( chick pea flour  pancake for vegetarians)

Dal and sprouts in lunch.

Chicken and something curds in lunch.

Roasted chana in evening snacks.

Milk twice a day

Another advantage of protein is that the gastric emptying time is longer so you feel fuller for a longer time.

Carbs on the other hand have a shorter gastric emptying time and also cause water retention.

This site is not meant to give you a complete knowledge about diet in pregnancy. It will act like a shepherd only,like a guiding star giving your correct directions.

Most info is found on internet but how to interpret that info no one tells us. This task I have taken up and even if I can touch a few hundred lives  I will have done my job

More specific tips in my next post.



Coping with Pregnancy

Coping with Pregnancy

Well to start with.   All you gorgeous ladies we will work together throughout your pregnancy and delivery and lactation and help enhance your experience of journey from MOM2BE to  being a mom


Few tips today ……..


When you are pregnant, remember that you’ve got FINITE time with your baby inside you.

So don’t worry about the world it can wait ……your baby can’t

So girls channize all your energy towards looking after your

a) Nutrition

b) Sleep

c) Mental wellbeing

d) Physical wellbeing

e) So EAT well

f) SLEEP better

g) ENJOY each day


You will suffer less morning sickness and less pregnancy blues

Fathers 2be I have 3 tips for you




TLC is Not the Travel and Living Channel but tender loving care 😄😄😄

Sadly god has given men very limited changes with their bodies  but a woman’s life goes through a major change every 12 years

0-12 years childhood

12-24 years puberty, menstrual cycles marriage

24-48 years  child-bearing, lactating and then caring

48-60 menopause and its effects


But that is why god made men as an anchor amidst all this roller coaster.☺️

THE MOST DIFFICULT question to answer

When is the right time to have a baby?

(((Right time is while your mother and mother in law are still young))))

Right time is when you are Mentally, Socially, Physically, Emotionally and Fiscally ready

This is the five dimension readiness.

If you wait for all the above to happen you probably will be waiting too long

But what I mean is that NOBODY should be deciding for you when you should have a baby!!!

(((((Fun fact : people who have children and those who don’t……are both equally miserable)))))

So you must decide when to have a baby.

My advice as a doctor would be to try and complete your child-bearing by 30 years and if not, then by 35 years. However, this doesn’t mean that you must coerce yourself at any cost. It is okay to cross these deadlines!

However do not postpone having one for frivolous reasons like “oh let me have a bigger house an even bigger car, etc.”

But if there are solid reasons by all means take your time.


More and more women are pursuing a career and somewhere in the blind rat race they lose sight of their goals.

It is a catch 22 situation — if you take  a break for maternity you would diminish chances of  your promotions and if you run after a career you end up with diminished  fertility .do not Chose  with short sightedness.

Also, just like you pursue your career stepwise, do not make having a baby a chore.


((((Fun fact: many women with infertility undergo all treatments , IUI, IVF, ICSI and fail to conceive, when they finally adopt…..next cycle they conceive !!!!!!Reason? Stress of trying was gone))))))

So girls enjoy the journey as much as the destination


Children are great levelers!


As an obstetrician you do some really heroic stuff as part of your daily routine.

One day one of my patients Reshma (name changed) had an eclamptic convulsion while undergoing sonogram with the sonologist. The hospital where I work has Code blue which was activated and all emergency staff including me reached there . Patient was obviously having convulsions,all eyes were on me .i quickly asked sister to load magsulf and rapidly took an intravenous route injected the drug and convulsions stopped. Within an hour we delivered her. She had postpartum haemorrhage,not entirely unexpected,we dealt with it and did all we could to save patient,baby and uterus in that order.we managedto save all three.

After this action packed day I return home,obviously a little later than usual at about 7 in the evening. My children then 10 and 12 tug  at my sari and my daughter demands” mom I want to have a pizza now, Aniruddh ate my share too.

What a contrast! Here I was saving a life all day and at home my daughter was so concerned about her piece of pizza as if it meant as much to her.


See my point!

You felt like a hero all day but real importance you got at home!! Probably it was as important to retrieve a pizza !!

This is where children are such a stress buster.

That is not to say it is easy being a mother but it can be made easy.


Pregnancy loss

Pregnancy loss

All seeds may come from the same plant but they don’t always germinate into a plant.

Similarly all embryos from same couple may not culminate in a baby.
Almost 20%of all pregnancies end in abortions.
We only see children of others playing around ,we never see their abortions. And nobody talks about past abortions as they discuss children not abortions .
In short what I am saying is that world only gets to see what is on display.
Hence it is natural to feel depressed when you have a pregnancy loss.


Pain Relief during Labour

Pain Relief during Labour

By Guest Blogger:
Dr Sujata Gandhi

Note: This information is based on Dr Sujata’s  structured training in India and UK as well as her long experience of 27 years in this field. The knowledge comes from worldwide authentic sources. She has very kindly shared about analgesia in labor. Over to Dr Sujata Gandhi.

I will give you some idea about the pain of labour and giving birth, and what can be done to make it less painful. The people who are looking after you i.e your anaesthetist, obstetrician or nurses will give you more information about the types of pain relief and resources that are available in your own hospital.


3 Top Fears About Pregnancy

3 Top Fears About Pregnancy

Fear of the UNKNOWN
Will I be able to bring up the child as well as other parents?
There is always a fear in our minds before starting any thing new. But just pause and think. What is it that you lack that makes you lesser than any other human being? It is our insecurities which makes us fear uncharted waters.

You are thinking of bringing a new life into this world. It is a huge responsibility but at the same time you have the ability to give the world a part of you.

It is true we are living in a time of economic uncertainty.Cost of living is on the rise. It makes sense to dear whether or not you will be able to give your child the best. But this doesn’t mean that as soon as you bring your child home you have to train him to be at IIT or IIM.