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Why so much data on diet and no clarity
why so much confusion?

img_6101Because if there is no confusion there will be no market for food products, advisors and the whole gamut
this article is not meant to give you complete knowledge about food .it will act like a shepherd only and ,like a guiding star only giving you correct directions.
indian food and indian regional diets are very well balanced and good for healthimg_4146
Take for example food of north
rajma .rice
roti /dal /vegetables/dahi
fish and rice
food of south
idli/dosa/coconut /rasam

all of the above if you analyze have a carbohydrate(rice or wheat)
a protein (dal .rajma,dahi, peanut.uadi dal in idli)
a source of fat(coconut,peanut,ghee)

Then what or where is the problem
The problem is
we live in Mumbai and eat what people are meant to eat in NY or Italy or LA
why do you think mother earth grows different things in different locations.
like wheat grows in the north and rice in south
all foods traditionally are prepared according to seasons
like in winters moong dal halwa and
in rainy season pakoda
in summer aam panna
why do we not have aam panna in winter?
why do you think basra roti is eaten in winter not summer?

If anyone follows simple rules 90% of the times one can’t go wrong


Increase the quantity of vegetables(greens)on your plate
Decrease the grains (don’t make it zero)

Increase the proteins(and keep rotating the proteins to get all amino ac ids needed by your body

so have a different protein in every meal
say – milk and eggs in breakfast
-or pancakes made from chick pea flour
lunch- dal and sprouts with curds
snacks- roasted chana,dry fruits,milk

milk at bed time
Most info is found on internet but how to interpret it no one tells us
This task i have taken up and even if i can make a difference in 100 pregnant lives i would have done my


(for women with no medical complications)
dates-2 dates twice in a day
dry fruits-a fist full in a day of walnut,badam,figs
ghee-routine use ,no increase needed in pregnancy.but don’t avoid ghee as it is needed for satiety and it keeps you are feeling full for a longer time.also via D & vit A are in ghee
fresh fruits- plenty,avoid juices ,have whole fruits,have variety of fruits at least 2 to 3 diff fruits daily
coconut water-good and soothing
lemon-1 a day in food ,salads , helps absorb iron and has vit C
green veg-plenty,keeps constipation at bay
sesame seeds-good source of calcium,add to your pancakes,mouthfreshner mix

great advantage of proteins is they take a longer time to digest as a result your stomach empties slowly and you feel hungry less often.
besides carbohydrates cause water retention and more energy to digest hence you feel more tired after a CHO rich meal.