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Fear of the UNKNOWN
Will I be able to bring up the child as well as other parents?
There is always a fear in our minds before starting any thing new. But just pause and think. What is it that you lack that makes you lesser than any other human being? It is our insecurities which makes us fear uncharted waters.

You are thinking of bringing a new life into this world. It is a huge responsibility but at the same time you have the ability to give the world a part of you.

It is true we are living in a time of economic uncertainty.Cost of living is on the rise. It makes sense to dear whether or not you will be able to give your child the best. But this doesn’t mean that as soon as you bring your child home you have to train him to be at IIT or IIM.




What you can do:

You don’t have to buy all the educational toys that hit the market, or fill each waking moment of your child with excitement.

There is evidence that the best thing is not to clutter and confuse a child’s space.
Better to provide few stimuli but persist with the stimuli.
For example, you buy a toy train one day. Next day you get him a car. The third day your child will automatically expect to see a new toy. However if you play with the train in various different ways for say, a whole month , the child starts getting innovative with it.
He will put foods in the train or put animals on it. He/She may get new ways to arrange the track. He/She will get inquisitive about the lights. So He/She explores the whole train instead of losing interest and moving on.

An average American child gets 70 toys a year but says Paul J. Donahue in his book ‘Parenting without Fear’ that kids who had fewer toys are more creative!

I am a WORKING mom!
Will I be able to give enough time to my child?
To this I have to say that ‘helicopter’ moms who hover around the child 24/7 are the worst thing to happen to the child. It takes away from the child, the opportunity to face situation since they are ‘managed’ by the helicopter moms who are always there!

If you observe closely in society, children of working parents are better adapt at taking control of situations/
By saying this, I don’t mean necessarily that all moms should head out to work. NO. But all moms should have some other work besides looking after the child!

Weight Gain a.k.a the I-will-GET-FAT syndrome!
Yes, pregnancy does make you put on weight. Buy look around and you will find women who have never had children are also overweight and those who have had a dozen are still well maintained. And above all men who never underwent pregnancies – they are overweight too!


You put on as much as you eat. You may gain 10-12 kg during the 9 months but your baby weighs:

Baby : 3-3.5 kg
Placenta : 400 gms
Amniotic Fluid : 500 gms
Fluid and Blood volume increase : 2000 ml
So in all : 6.5 kg (approx.)

You have gained 4-5 kg of fat after you take away the baby.
Now this fat is enough for breast feeding the baby for about 20-30 days only.
So if you breastfeed say for 6-8 months, you infact lose weight.
You lose 900 calories/day in breast feeding your baby!
Tell me one other exercise that makes you do it!

A. so find yourself an obstetrician who will be tough on you if you gain more weight! (I am one of these devilish obstetricians who patients really fear).
B. Get to ideal body weight before pregnancy
C. Breast feed your baby
D. Eat what is right for you during pregnancy.Replace chocolate with dry fruits, dates and chikki! Replace sugar sugar with jaggery. Reduce amount of sweet things you eat. Have nuts as snacks rather than fried farsan.
E. Remain active (unless advised otherwise by your obstetrician). 45 minutes of walking in one or two sessions & swimming, yoga are good for you!