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All seeds may come from the same plant but they don’t always germinate into a plant.

Similarly all embryos from same couple may not culminate in a baby.
Almost 20%of all pregnancies end in abortions.
We only see children of others playing around ,we never see their abortions. And nobody talks about past abortions as they discuss children not abortions .
In short what I am saying is that world only gets to see what is on display.
Hence it is natural to feel depressed when you have a pregnancy loss.


Why me is the first question that comes to mind when you abort.
Well whenever a negative thing happens to us we should cling to the positive lining of the negative incidence.
What is the positive silver lining?
1)The fact that you got PREGNANT.
It means that both you and your husband are NORMAL and FERTILE!!!!

You must consider yourself lucky that the fact that you got pregnant is a test like no other,which tells you that you are fertile
2)probably the abortus ( I don’t think I should address it as a baby) was genetically abnormal hence it got aborted. It is natures way of getting rid of abnormal foetuses



It is a difficult time after abortion.
Just try to imbibe as much positivity from around you that you can
Do not dwell on the mishap
Stop discussing it with others.
Others don’t know unless you bring it up
Divert your mind to pursue something that you will enjoy like music,horticulture,bonsai making,flower arrangements,baking or simply reading or listening to music catching up with friends.

You can start working out 2 months after an abortion. However walking can begin earlier.

Do you know all elders in the family forbid you from revealing you are pregnant to all and sundry until after 3 months. They even tell you that this is to protect you from evil eye of others ( scientifically since 20% end in abortions they are actually preventing 1 in 5 women from suffering more pain by withholding the information from public)


Don’t try to conceive immediately after an abortion
Go to your obstetrician and get preliminary check done. Sometimes a little thyroid imbalance or a little uterine abnormality might have caused it
Some maternal infections can cause it.
So to prevent a repeat mishap must get a doctor’s opinion.
Usually after 1 abortion your obstetrician may not investigate you extensively as most abortions are unexplainable even after a thorough check.also most women will go on to have a normal pregnancy

However after 2 or more abortions a thorough check is done and it may include a hysteroscopy and karyotyping of parents and abortus. Each case needs investigation according to its own merits.

Healing takes about 12 weeks.
You need to nurse yourself back to physical and mental health again.
In next pregnancy you may be put on aspirins and blood thinners.


I have great faith in the chakra that life is.
Sometimes there are reasons beyond our comprehension and you MUST believe that whatever happened was for your own good…………….only then you can move forward.
Get back to cleansing your body of toxins and all negative thoughts.
Be positive and think positive

All the best and have faith in yourself and your doctor.


People who have children and those who don’t have children  are both equally miserable . So don’t waste your present waiting for a baby to happen………….enjoy the journey more than the destination.