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Right time is while you mother and mother in law are still young.
Right time is when you are
Fiscally ready
This is the five dimension readiness.
If you wait for all the above to happen you probably will be waiting too long
But what I mean is that NOBODY should be deciding for you when you should have a baby!!!



Fun fact : people who have children and those who don’t……are both equally miserable!!

So you must decide when to have a baby.
My advice as a doctor would be to try and complete your child bearing by 30 years if not then by 35 years.but that doesn’t mean that you must coerce yourself at any cost to not cross these deadlines.
However do not postpone having one for frivolous reasons like”oh let me have a bigger house an even bigger car etc
But if there are solid reasons by all means take your time.

More and more women are pursuing a career and somewhere in the blind rat race they lose sight of their goals.
It is a catch 22 situation — if you take  a break for maternity you would diminish chances of  your promotions and if you run after a career you end up with diminished  fertility .do not Chose  with short sightedness.
Also just like you pursue your career stepwise do not make having a baby a chore.

Fun facts: many women with infertility undergo all treatments ,IUI,IVF,ICSI and fail to conceive,when they finally adopt…..next cycle they conceive !!!!!!Reason? Stress of trying was gone
So girls enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Children are a great leveller.

As an obstetrician you do some really heroic stuff as part of your daily routine.
One day one of my patients Reshma( name changed) had an eclamptic convulsion while undergoing sonogram with the sonologist. The hospital where I work has Code blue which was activated and all emergency staff including me reached there . Patient was obviously having convulsions,all eyes were on me .i quickly asked sister to load magsulf and rapidly took an intravenous route injected the drug and convulsions stopped. Within an hour we delivered her. She had postpartum haemorrhage,not entirely unexpected,we dealt with it and did all we could to save patient,baby and uterus in that order.we managedto save all three.
After this action packed day I return home,obviously a little later than usual at about 7 in the evening. My children then 10 and 12 tug  at my sari and my daughter demands” mom I want to have a pizza now, Aniruddh ate my share too.
What a contrast! Here I was saving a life all day and at home my daughter was so concerned about her piece of pizza as if it meant as much to her.
See my point!
You felt like a hero all day but real importance you got at home!! Probably it was as important to retrieve a pizza !!
This is where children are such a stress buster.
That is not to say it is easy being a mother but it can be made easy.