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Well to start with All you gorgeous ladies we will work together throughout your pregnancy and delivery and lactation and help enhance your experience of journey from MOM2BE to  being a mom

Few tips today

When you are pregnant remember you’ve got FINITE time with your baby inside you.
So don’t worry about the world – it can wait. Our baby can’t!
So girls channelize all your energy towards looking after your



  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing

So EAT well
SLEEP better
ENJOY each day

You will suffer less morning sickness.less pregnancy blues
Fathers 2Be I have 3 tips for you

TLC is Not travel and living channel but tender loving care.

Sadly god has given men very limited changes with their bodies  but a woman’s life goes through a major change every 12 years
0-12 years childhood
12-24 years puberty, menstrual cycles marriage
24-48 years  child bearing, lactating and then caring
48-60 menopause and its effects.

But that is why god made men as an anchor amidst this roller coaster ride!