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1. Keep as much help around you that you can afford.
This is the best part about living in India.you can get a lady  to massage you,another for the baby,one to cook and clean for you and another to do your ironing.
Make sure you train them to stand in for one another in case of absenteeism  and have multiple helps for different chores so that if one doesn’t turn up only one job will suffer.

2. Pamper your househelps so they find it difficult to find a job as good as yours.
That is the trick. Be nice to them and sensitive to their problems. They will not leave you if you are open and friendly with them.



3. Don’t try to do chores which can be outsourced. There is no medal for doing all the baby’s job yourself. Cleaning, cooking can be taught to others, so then, why add to your to do list?

4. Have a fixed ME time every day to keep your sanity . Pamper yourself .don’t put off  pampering yourself. It may not be something exotic, it maybe something simple as listening to music or reading the newspaper but DO IT.motherhood is like being in an airplane mishap…..first put on your oxygen mask before helping others. If you can’t breathe how will you help others?

5. Don’t slog unnecessarily …delegate and priorities. At the first opportunity write down your agenda for the day either before going to bed the previous night or in the morning. See how many  jobs you can delegate ,do it without hesitation.
Delegating work is also doing work.
Next priorities what you want to do first. At the end of the day check and carry forward what you couldn’t do to next day.
Of course you are a supermom so what if you couldn’t finish a to do list!

6. Don’t compare yourself to any other mom. You don’t know what journey she has undergone to reach where she is today. Everyone is unique don’t copy  another and lose your uniqueness.

7. If possible stay in vicinity of your parents or parents in law or siblings. It helps once in a while to have a second line of defense especially if you are a working mom.

8. Keep good relationship with your neighbors. In an emergency they are the closest to your home.

9. Help your neighbors also as help is a two way street.