How to gain less for mom and more for baby

Why so much data on diet and no clarity  on what is good for a pregnant lady? Why so much confusion?

No one should tell you exactly how much of each item you need to eat.

we should allow our common sense to prevail. Spoon-fed-up is a new term I would like to coin for all those who are frustrated by the diet plans carved in great details by the dietitians with very little wiggle room.

Come on folks let’s give some credit to our grey cells and  not take instructions for simple things like what to eat!!!!

Indian food from all regional cuisines are very well balanced. If we were to eat what a common man of the region eats we would all be healthy.


The problem today is :

We live in Mumbai and we want to eat food from NY or LA or Italy!

Why do you think every locality grows different food, different grains?

why North India grows wheat and south grows rice?

that is because environmental conditions in each region are different.

Animals in that region are also in accordance with the environment.

But humans  live local and eat global? How can that be correct?

All foods traditionally prepared are also according to seasons

In winters – Moong Dal Halwa

In rainy season- Pakoras

In summers- Aam Panna

Why don’t we have aam panna in winters?

Bajra(millet) is traditionally had in winters.

If one can follow simple rule -EAT FRESH




WORK OUT  FOR  20 minutes


if you notice most stomach related problems ( if not all) are related to food. By making small changes in food intake they can be cured.


Let us deal with indigestion

1) Identify the food that repeatedly causes indigestion, say some milk or milk products- then avoid it esp if you are lactose intolerant.

2) Fried and spicy food can upset your digestion

3) Difficult to digest food e.g some meats

4) Overeating can also be the cause ,hence have smaller  meals.

5) You can’t go wrong with increasing veggies in your meals

6) Decrease the grains on your plate ( don’t make it zero)

7)  Increase the proteins on your plate and keep rotating the proteins.  Same protein  every da is not enough .This is because each protein has  adifferent set  of amino acids . Your body needs all the essentials amino acids.

So have a different protein in each meal.

Milk and eggs in breakfast ( chick pea flour  pancake for vegetarians)

Dal and sprouts in lunch.

Chicken and something curds in lunch.

Roasted chana in evening snacks.

Milk twice a day

Another advantage of protein is that the gastric emptying time is longer so you feel fuller for a longer time.

Carbs on the other hand have a shorter gastric emptying time and also cause water retention.

This site is not meant to give you a complete knowledge about diet in pregnancy. It will act like a shepherd only,like a guiding star giving your correct directions.

Most info is found on internet but how to interpret that info no one tells us. This task I have taken up and even if I can touch a few hundred lives  I will have done my job

More specific tips in my next post.