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how to gain less for mother and more for baby

Why so much data on diet and no clarity why so much confusion? Because if there is no confusion there will be no market for food products, advisors and the whole gamut this article is not meant to give you complete knowledge about food .it will act like a shepherd...

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Weight Gain in Pregnancy

                     How to gain less for mom and more for baby Why so much data on diet and no clarity  on what is good for a pregnant lady? Why so much confusion? No one should tell you exactly how much of each item you need to eat. we should allow our common...

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Coping with Pregnancy

Well to start with.   All you gorgeous ladies we will work together throughout your pregnancy and delivery and lactation and help enhance your experience of journey from MOM2BE to  being a mom   Few tips today ……..   When you are pregnant, remember that...

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Pregnancy loss

All seeds may come from the same plant but they don’t always germinate into a plant. Similarly all embryos from same couple may not culminate in a baby. Almost 20%of all pregnancies end in abortions. We only see children of others playing around ,we never see their...

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Pain Relief during Labour

By Guest Blogger: Dr Sujata Gandhi MD, DNB, FRCA(UK) Note: This information is based on Dr Sujata’s  structured training in India and UK as well as her long experience of 27 years in this field. The knowledge comes from worldwide authentic sources. She has very kindly...

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3 Top Fears About Pregnancy

Fear of the UNKNOWN Will I be able to bring up the child as well as other parents? There is always a fear in our minds before starting any thing new. But just pause and think. What is it that you lack that makes you lesser than any other human being? It is our...

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9  tips to easy motherhood

1. Keep as much help around you that you can afford. This is the best part about living in India.you can get a lady  to massage you,another for the baby,one to cook and clean for you and another to do your ironing. Make sure you train them to stand in for one another...

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Tips for you to sail through in the 1st trimester

Try to eat or drink every 2-3 hours Try to eat something with carbohydrates and a little fat at bed time so that the food carries you through till the morning like an indian mithai, pastry, cake, kulfi Use a toothpaste with mild mouthwash 1st thing in the morning...

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Myths and Truths – 1st trimester

  It is 12 weeks duration from first day of last menstrual cycle Each pregnancy is unique. You cannot even compare your own pregnancies to one another let alone any one else’s pregnancy. So don’t bother to compare notes except for leisure. Myth It is not okay if...

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It is OK.

In pregnancy It is okay to feel like going back to bed as soon as you wake up It is okay to crave for some difficult to get exotic food, have your husband drive you all the way for it and once you are served say that you just don’t feel like eating it. It is okay to...

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